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My Very Own God

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LiveJournal, MySpace, and Facebook: A Personal Investigation [Aug. 24th, 2009|07:39 pm]
My Very Own God
[mood |dorkydorky]

I've been on LiveJournal since 2000. I really like the blog atmosphere, the potential anonymity; you're only as known as you want to be, and should real life come knocking, it's easy enough to change faces. That's kind of an Internet standard anyway, so it's no surprise. But blogs are almost like a conversation; I've got this idea to share, I'm throwing it out there, and people can respond, or not, as they see fit. The community concept provides an easy way to meet like-minded people without having to troll multiple message boards on your lunch break.

MySpace is like that to an extent, but there's more media available, and you have your permanent ideas or media always available on your home page, but your blog is almost secondary. It's more of a digital representation of what you want the Internet to see of yourself; pictures, embedded media, color schemes, extremely involved design, etc. And it's relatively easy to use, for the cheap seats that don't want to mess around with things like style sheets or javascript. I don't see quite as much sense of community there, though.

Facebook is like...I dunno. The Internet on crack. It's got games, blogs, memes, some embedded media, a visually overwhelming (but largely colorless) home page, and Twitter-like status updates that boil conversations down to their very essence, which in turn removes a lot of the flavor. I don't think I have the ADHD required to actually be a Facebook junkie, but I have spent more time there lately. (The iPhone app helps make it a bit more palatable.) You can become a "fan" of something, but I don't see many people having involved conversations about specific topics.

So which do I prefer? Well obviously if it were Facebook, I would have updated my status to "zomg Facebook rules! haha" instead of posting this lengthy comparison here. While I'll probably also post this as a blog entry in my MySpace, I know it won't be read by anyone as far out as you guys. (zomg Canada!) I've consistently fought against the shortening of conceptual communication to netspeak, and I think there should continue to be a centralized place for more involved discourse, even if the subject isn't exactly theoretical physics. :)

I guess my conclusion is rather banal: for each type of communication, there is a medium for it. I plan to stay on LJ, enjoy MySpace, and attempt to be more open-minded toward the natural evolution of the 'net. After all, as fast as technology moves, you gotta keep up. But that doesn't mean I'm going to come up with my own Twitter feed. Not yet, anyway.