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My Very Own God

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SO CLOSE [Jun. 22nd, 2009|12:19 am]
My Very Own God
I don't know how much I've talked about it, but I'm getting my MIS (Masters of Information Systems -- I call it the MBA for IT) from University of Phoenix.

I have an A average. When I graduated with my Bachelors of English, I think my GPA was something like a 2.74. I'm mixed on this; I don't feel I've been through a full Master's program, but I will emerge from this with a brand new degree and a wonderful overview of what it means to work in IT. Now that I've got the overview, I need the details.

So far, my favorite classes have been programming and disaster recovery. They both speak to my need to be in total control of the situation, though why I didn't care for systems analysis I will never know. But I have...call them friends...who maybe can help me get the details down. I want to change jobs, understand more of the meat and potatoes of the computer industry, and get a better grasp of technology. I just don't know where to start.

In other news...I'M GOING TO SEATTLE ZOMG!!! Can you tell I'm excited? This is my celebration for my 30th birthday, even though my actual birthdate is in November. It doesn't even feel real yet, but it's starting to. Especially since I've got an enormous mound of laundry on my stripped bed waiting to be folded and packed. Man. I've gotta sleep, this is some bullshit...

More later :)